New York City – right here is the heart of Redken. In 1960 the brand was created by the American actress Paula Kent and the chemist Jheri Redding. For an up-and-coming actress of that time, frequent chemical treatments and constant hair changes were routine.

Paula was very sensitive to the products her hairstylists and make-up artists used. Nobody could tell her why the products strained and damaged her hair.

Soon Paula realized that in collaboration with professional hair stylists, she could help millions of people who shared their desire for effective but gentle care products.

So they and their partner founded the company Redken with the development of three products and an intensive training program for hair stylists dealing with the chemistry of hair and skin.

The concept is based on three principles
> Of protein technology, because the hair consists mainly of protein
> The acidic pH value of 4.5 – 5.5, which supplements the natural pH value of skin and hair
> The products are exclusively recommended and distributed by professional salons

Since Redken, the hair can be supplied with proteins and moisture from the inside for a long time. 60 patents on products and ingredients ensure that the hair is transformed and thus significantly improve the appearance.