Piroche Cosmetiques

The Philosophy
Piroche Cosmètiques is a cosmetics that is committed to the Chi, the energy of life and balance. Thus, every balance that is the essence of a well-lived life. Through this art, cosmetics is also becoming a kind of health care, the result of which is beauty that gently nourishes people from the inside. And where something becomes visible, which is difficult to put into words, since it involves the level of sensation. Like a gentle touch that the miracle of the plants gives to the ears of the body.

Piroche Cosmètiques has succeeded in developing a beauty care that combines traditional Asian healing, Western herbal medicine and modern knowledge and technology. The Resulatet: A natural cosmetic line and treatment method, which considers humans as a unit and has a very positive effect on the physical and mental state in addition to the cosmetic effect.

The Products
The products of Piroche Cosmètiques are rich in active substances of natural origin. First-class plant extracts, exquisite mixtures of essential oils of the highest quality, marine algae from Brittany in combination with high-quality alumina unfold their effective effect individually or in combination.

The Method of Treatment
Integrated into a cyclic, rhythmical life-vision, coupled with a deep understanding of the individual organs, including the skin, about external effects, for example by creams and effects from the inside, as by baths. Each treatment is preceded by a careful medical history. This word comes from the Greek and means: remembrance. And indeed, in the meridian work, the whole bouquet of this work is a recollection of the well-being of a beautiful, healthy body.

All treatments of Piroche Cosmètiques are always based on three pillars: detoxing, stimulating, regenerating

Detoxing [Detoxification]
The Bioenergetic Vacuum Drainage developed by Piroche Cosmètiques in combination with the active ingredients of the Piroche Cosmètiques products purify the body of toxins which have been deposited by wrong nutrition, negative environmental influences and stress. Only after cleansing is the body ready to absorb valuable substances.

Stimulating [stimulation]
By combining the Biaromi – exquisite essential oils from Piroche Cosmètiques – and individually selected Piroche Cosmètiques products, the professional is energetically and cosmetically adapted to the needs of the body. Body and mind are restored to their natural balance.

Regenerating [Regeneration]
The result of the effective treatment concept is holistic: it effects the regeneration and activation of the body cells; The mental regeneration restores the inner balance.