The Story of O’right
Steven Ko, the CEO of O’right, is the person who gave birth to the brand O’right. Steven Ko suffers a lot from his allergic constitutions. In order to alleviate the symptoms, he kept looking for natural ingredients for O’right products with an ultimate aim to change the toxic ridden environment.

In 2002, Steven’s parents passed away from kidney disease and cancer, the same year when he started the brand. Suffering from this sudden bereavement, Steven decided to do something to help people away from heavy metals and chemical contaminations. It was the first time he began to think seriously about making a green hair care brand.

In September 2006, O’right officially started its green journey. Now, O’right has become the only Taiwanese hair care corporation that has implemented a green supply chain covering a plant extraction lab, green design, green production, green energy, green marketing and green services.

O’right produces professional hair care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and body wash, which are sold exclusively in professional hair salons.

With 10 branches and over 7,000 salon customers, O’right boasts a dominant market share in Taiwan. In addition, O’right cooperates with international partners in more than 20 countries.