Energetic Treatments

Energetic Treatments
The aim of an energy treatment is to provide the body with as much energy as possible, which is then available for self healing (inter alia activation of biochemical processes such as neurotransmitter release due to biophotons available in the body, faster regeneration of damaged tissue due to weak direct current) and stagnating energies Negativity at all levels.

In this respect, the pain therapist literally tries to pull the pain out of the tissue and then to provide a soothing, cooling and healing frequency.

The more energetic or clearer a human being is, the closer he is to a state of fullness, and thus to perfect health on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Healing means change, H. The body and thus the whole human being must change in order to get out of the disease. However, any major and, above all, permanent change requires a high degree of strength that a diseased body does not usually have.
The healer therefore tries to provide the patient with more life energy, which he can then use for the healing necessary for healing.

Since memory is stored not only in our brain, but in our whole body tissue and the energy field (the issue in the tissue), emotions and memories often return to the surface or consciousness during the energy treatments.

While the memory remains, the emotional charge, Is associated with a trauma, for example, from the body. This leads to a relaxation of the nervous system as a whole and to a release on different levels.
Through the gradual balancing of imbalances and a stimulation of the detoxification, functions and structures in the body can regenerate. The application of energy treatments has proven itself in practice in a wide variety of pathologies, For example, in diseases that are associated with a lack of energy:

> Depression
> Exhaustion
> Defensiveness
> In energy shifts in the body and dysfunctions of the chakras, a. To painful inflammatory joint diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, allergies or migraine
> Also accompanies chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer.

ca. 50 min / EUR 60,–