About Us

Who We Are

Since man has begun to cultivate his beauty and health, he is constantly searching for solutions which enable him to achieve the desired results both internally and externally.

Accordingly, the range of products with which we are in the search for the „right“ is correspondingly diverse and also unmanageable.

Il piacere‘s task is, to include the respective top brands for all individual needs. Our specialists have already made the selection for you and put together an individually tailored care program. All of the products we apply to our treatments are also suitable for home care.

To round off the overall concept, to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it is essential to live what you preach.

Christian Ilc

The international hair and make-up artist Christian Ilc and his team have been successful specialists for hairdesign, hair color and perfect coloring and highlighting techniques for over 28 years.

Making women beautiful is the motto that the well-trained team perfectly implements both at its regular and international customers and events.

> Core Programme Instructor
> Practitioner for Energetic Treatments
> Great Reiki Master
> Sexual pedagogue
> Life and social consultants
> Energy Work / Crucible Training with Rosalynl Bruyere
> Training as a kinesiologist fits